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In the game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” the hero can develop eighteen skills that grow as they are used. Skills characterize the degree to which the tasks are completed and lead to an increase in the level of the character. When leveling up, the character gets a point, and can at the expense of him increase a certain ability (perk). Abilities, with the exception of basic ones, require a certain level of skill. To hang, you need to click on the blue star of the selected constellation skill (blue star indicates the possibility of increasing). Points can not be distributed immediately, but accumulated, so that later they can be distributed more competently and efficiently. Also, upon reaching the 100th skill level, one can make a legendary skill from it. Read more about this at

Skyrim has a new ability to level the hero, called legendary skills, which allows you to reset the level of an already fully developed skill and repeat the leveling process. In this case, all the perks are reset to zero. Then they can be used to enhance other skills. Thus, when increasing the skill to one hundred, and making it legendary, he returns to the initial fifteenth level. The fact that the skill is legendary is indicated by the symbol of the imperial legion that appeared under it.

It is worth noting that you can make the skill legendary repeatedly. The goal of legendary skills that are pumped in the usual way is to increase the level of the character. As a result, to get all 251 perks, you need to make legendary 147 skills. When creating legendary skills, keep in mind that this is not practical for combat skills. Because it complicates the battle against enemies who have a higher level. The “Change” skill lends itself well to quick pumping through the use of the Discovery of Life and Telekinesis spells, as well as the Illusion, due to the use of the Harmony spell.

Using cheats is useful for quickly upgrading skills and getting perks. To apply cheats, you must press the tilde (~) key.

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Accru is an award-winning network of Australian accounting firms. We help businesses grow, thrive and deliver wealth to their owners.

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Choosing A Business Partner Post-COVID

By Daniel Melino | Accru Harris Orchard Adelaide

Business in the past six months has been anything but normal. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, businesses have had to think fast, and in some cases, change the way…

Tax Planning 2020

By Daniel Arnephy | Accru Melbourne

Albert Einstein once said “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the Income Tax.” This year COVID-19 has been changing our lives completely, but one thing that remains similar…

Accru Tax Alert July 2020: Taxation developments

By Accru Australia

Take a look at our July snapshot of taxation developments that may affect your business, investments or superannuation. Please get in touch if you need our help. Tax Time 2020…

At Accru, we support each other to go beyond what’s expected for our clients. Our people are not only skilled in their field, they genuinely care about our clients success and love what they do.


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Accru offers much more than a small firm can – specialist partners with comprehensive knowledge and experience, skilled local teams and international associates in 63 countries globally.

While we have the tax, audit and business advisory services of a big firm, the way we work with clients is much more personalised. Friendly, approachable and partner-led, you’ll find us responsive to your needs, focused on understanding what’s important to you and how to get the results you want.

Profitability, financial security, better risk and financial controls….or simply getting your work-life balance back…. What can we help you achieve?


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“Accru Harris Orchard is clearly a stand out in their field. I particularly like the ‘style’ of the management letter – user friendly and not at all threatening. Your audit team are quiet achievers, getting on with the job and able to relate well to me and my Finance team. It’s always a good sign when the CEO is not required to attend many meetings in an audit!”

Deb Lee

“Brendan Watson, my tax accountant, is very knowledgeable on every aspect of tax and made my SMSF setup very easy. He has a very approachable and friendly manner and has always made himself readily available for any questions or advice that I may need. I would highly recommend his services – I have already done so to many friends and acquaintances who have also benefitted from my referral.”

Janine Freestall

“For many years Accru Hobart, in particular Daniel Richards, has assisted our business in providing sound accounting unting advice and helping with the setup of new companies. Daniel has also been instrumental in foreseeing any potential issues arising and advising strategies to work around these problems. I can firmly attest the success of Lyden Builders to Accru’s expertise.”

Andrew Lyden

“Accru Felsers partners and staff are friendly, down-to-earth and easy to speak to. They are very good at explaining complex tax and accounting issues in terms of how they will impact our business. With their help, Schaeffler has achieved some big wins over the years in areas such as stamp duty on acquisitions, the tax treatment of our NZ business, and streamlining our corporate structure.”

Amir Marashian

“Every business needs a close confidant in this ever changing world. They need to understand your business and where you’re trying to go, keep it compliant with all the authorities and be able to give advice as needed. And they need to be a consistent team. Accru Perth is all these for us so having them on side is a pleasure.”

Ian Dawson

“I have never been disappointed in Accru’s services. They are local, friendly and always ready to help. They provide strong support and expertise to our family, are always willing to understand our needs and proactive in providing options with a recommendation.”

John Mason