SMSF Audits

If you have a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), you must have your fund’s compliance and financial statements audited each year.

As the popularity of SMSFs has increased in recent years, so has the number of companies auditing them. Be aware of the pitfalls of using auditors that do not specialise in this service as the consequences of getting it wrong can be severe.

With Accru, you can rest assured you will receive an SMSF audit that complies with the Australian Auditing Standards and the ethical requirements to which we adhere.

Cost-effective without compromising quality

Accru audits thousands of SMSFs annually. In fact, our Adelaide office is one of the top SMSF auditors in Australia by volume. Put simply, we know what we are doing with SMSF audits.

Technically, our team is one of the best but we’re also proactive, raising potential issues in advance.

Our turnaround time is quick, and we have developed cost efficiencies through streamlining processes and employing specialists, but not by compromising on quality (after all, who wants the ATO knocking on their door?).

SMSF audit support for accountants

The accounting firms we work with trust us to do the right thing by their clients. We know that trust is at the heart of both our relationship and your client relationship. As a result, we have developed long-lasting partnerships with many prominent accounting firms and financial planners in Australia.

If you’re an accountant and SMSFs are taking up valuable time, or you’d like to be worry-free about random ATO inspections of superannuation fund auditors, we can help.

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Accru SMSF Audit Experts
Ben works collaboratively with clients and avoids ‘us and them’ situations, which often create inefficiencies and culminate with a bland report to management.
She has been integral to improving the firm’s business management as well as nurturing relationships with clients and associates.
He makes his clients’ financial and tax issues as hassle-free as possible, so they can spend more time working on parts of the business that they enjoy and make them more successful.
Peter works primarily with small and mid-sized businesses and high net worth individuals, assisting them in all areas of tax and business services.
His approach builds trust and has enabled him to forge many long-term relationships over his 20-year career.
Brett has over 20 years experience providing specialist tax and superannuation consulting advice.
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