External Audit Services

Finance Directors need an auditor they can trust to help them manage risk and improve operations, as well as ensure compliance with regulatory obligations.

We know businesses want an auditor who focuses on what’s important, doesn’t reinvent the wheel each year, and is able to reveal useful insights about the business at the end of the audit process. With Accru, that’s what you will receive.

Stable, partner-led team

With Accru, audit engagements are partner-led and supported by qualified and experienced team members, committed to understanding your business and meeting your timeframes with minimal disruption to your people.

Technically our team is excellent, but we differ from the very large firms in the high level of personal service and partner involvement we bring to engagements. Benefits include:

  • An efficient, cost-effective audit
  • Assurance that your business is compliant with current regulatory requirements and local and international accounting standards
  • Detailed management reports that fully disclose what has been learnt from the audit
  • An independent view of performance from auditors with insights into best practice processes and industry drivers.

Getting extra value from your audit

Accru’s value-add management reports frequently reveal:

  • Ways to streamline your systems and procedures, strengthen your controls and provide better management information
  • Potential problems that can assist with risk management, governance and decision-making
  • Opportunities to improve business performance.

How Accru can help you

Our external audit services encompass

  • Financial statement audits
  • Financial statement reviews to meet general purpose financial reporting needs or ASX requirements
  • Agreed upon procedure engagements
  • Accounting system and control reviews
  • Providing compliance opinions
  • Advice on the application of accounting policies, accounting and auditing standards
  • SMSF audits
  • Trust account audits
  • Grant audits.

We also offer a full range of assurance services including Internal AuditDue Diligence and Data Analytics.

Read more about our industry experience and what clients say or contact us to find out how our experience can benefit your organisation.

Accru External Audit Experts
His ability to remain in the real world means that clients receive work with real clarity and no over-kill.
He understands the value of good communication and keeping his clients informed.
Fiona is enthusiastic about informing and reassuring clients of their financial position, be it in regard to the value of their businesses, or their tax returns.
Chairman and Managing Director of Accru Melbourne with extensive Audit and Commercial business experience.
His approach builds trust and has enabled him to forge many long-term relationships over his 20-year career.
Steven specialises in external auditing, due diligence, initial public offerings, stock exchange listings and financial reporting.
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