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As businesses grow and exploit opportunities overseas, they encounter many different taxes, anti-avoidance laws and the risk of double taxation. An efficient tax structure is one of the keys to international success.

As a result of the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) initiative, multinationals now face a more complex web of global tax laws than ever before, such as shifting policies on tax treaties, CbC reporting, thin capitalisation and the multinational anti-avoidance laws of individual countries. The penalties for non-compliance can be substantial.

If you’re entering a foreign market, resolving the international tax issues at the outset can lead to significant savings in the long term – from reduced taxation and avoiding penalties to eliminating delays in establishing subsidiaries. Due to the potential tax risks and benefits, an advisor with strong international tax experience is now essential.

How Accru helps with international tax

  • Foreign-owned businesses entering Australia Our international tax advisors can explain the tax options open to you and set up the most appropriate business vehicles and structures. Our support will enable you to take the most tax-effective approach to establishing new investments in Australia, such as the best choice of entity, form of investment and the tax issues arising from cross-border funding.
  • Established international businesses We help with indepth tax planning considerations such as whether to set up a regional hub, the best holding company jurisdiction, how to manage any unintended consequences, and what structures are most appropriate.
  • Australian businesses expanding internationally Working with our trusted CPAAI partner firms, we can facilitate your global growth strategy. As a member of CPAAI, a global top ten accounting association, Accru has direct access to 7,000 accounting & taxation experts in over 60 jurisdictions. This means you can be confident of the same level of on-the-ground support and service from our partners who are experts in their own jurisdictions.

Our international tax track record

Accru has helped many clients minimise tax on their overseas earnings and profit, and avoid the pitfalls of cross border dealings.

Accru’s Sydney office, Accru Felsers, has a long history of providing international tax services to some of the largest companies in Europe. We monitor and prepare transfer pricing documentation for multinationals from Germany, China, Japan and Australia, with a successful record of our clients passing ATO Multinational Anti-Avoidance Law (MAAL) reviews. We also assist Australian businesses to take advantage of opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.  See Accru Asia and our international insights for more information and articles.

Accru’s international taxation services

Our international tax advice, compliance and Australian market entry services are specifically designed for small and mid-sized global businesses and their executives. Our services include:

  • Company formation in Australia, with domestic and international tax structuring
  • Tax planning & solutions relating to location of operations
  • International tax treaties and solutions for double taxation matters
  • Issues of permanent establishments
  • Inbound/outbound business structuring implications
  • Applications of GST to international arrangements
  • Transfer pricing manual preparation advice reviews
  • Inpat/expat tax effective salary arrangements
  • Withholding tax obligations on payments made to non-residents
  • Thin capitalisation rules
  • Representation in tax proceedings for Australian Taxation Office audits
  • Correlating USA taxes for clients who are US citizens living in Australia.

If your business is expanding into other countries, or based overseas and entering the Australian market, please contact a specialist below to find out more.

Accru International Tax Experts
Richard’s unique selling point is being able to think outside the box when assessing a business scenario.
Jenny believes the best way to help clients is to stay interested, be curious, and always look for better solutions.
Glenda is known for her ability to solve complex tax issues and help clients understand the practical implications of her advice.
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