What Adelaide clients say

Accru Harris Orchard is clearly a stand out in their field. I particularly like the ‘style’ of the management letter – user friendly and not at all threatening. Your audit team are quiet achievers, getting on with the job and able to relate well to me and my Finance team. It’s always a good sign when the CEO is not required to attend many meetings in an audit!
Deb Lee, CEO
Northern Adelaide Medical Care
On behalf of the Kidsafe SA Board, I wanted to thank you for providing us with a quality, professional and painless audit again this year. We view the continued support from Accru Harris Orchard as integral to our organisation moving forward.
Holly Fitzgerald, CEO
Kidsafe SA Inc.
Since 2004, Accru Harris Orchard have helped us through international expansions and several investment rounds. Their assistance in our 2014 $90m merger with RSVP was outstanding. Accru Harris Orchard understood the key issues and communicated brilliantly through the whole deal. The people are always very efficient and great to work with. In fact I rarely need to contact them as they always seem to get in touch with us first.
Dave Heysen, CEO
Accru Harris Orchard has been our business accountants since 2008. They are highly accessible, approachable and responsive to our needs. With skills beyond technical accounting work, their high level financial advice has also been a key foundation for our business planning. We have benefitted greatly from their honest and proactive approach to financial reporting- ensuring improved accountability, focus and efficiencies within our organisation.
Marcus Rolfe, MD
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