July - September 2023

30 June couldn’t come fast enough for some; one-third of our workforce was out of the office and on holiday, delaying our official End-of-Financial Year Celebrations by five weeks.

Accru Perth – Out of Office 

The first cab off the rank was Marty, who headed off on an African Adventure with his wife. First stop was Victoria Falls where they did a helicopter trip over the Falls, then an eight night moving safari through Botswana, moving campsite every two days. They saw the big five – lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African Water Buffalo – as well as hippos, jackals, hyenas, painted dogs, wildebeest, crocodiles, warthog, zebra, babbons and heaps of birdlife. Then spent 5 nights in Cape Town and went up Table Mountain and then to the wine areas of Constantia and Stellenboschbefore finishing with a three night safari to Kapama Game Reserve which is near Kreuger National Park. Soon after Marty returning to the office, he headed off to Broome for the King’s Birthday Long Weekend in September to round out the quarter’s travelling adventures..

Bruce was in hot pursuit and headed off to Queensland to visit family, including his mum and cousins; in true Bruce style, he returned with the flu, putting him out of action for another couple of weeks.

Jenny then followed with a long overdue trip back to China to see family.  In her own words, nothing exciting except spending time with mum and family and doing all the odd jobs around the house.

Kendrick and his new wife, Rachel, travelled to 6 European countries on a trip planned years ago however, COVID got in the way.  Kendrick’s appromimate 6 week holiday took him to Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Barcelona, the Croatian cities of Dubrovnik and Split, and the Italian cities of Florence, Rome and Venice.  He returned to the office just in time to get the June BASs prepared and lodged!

Not to be outdone, Graeme and his wife also headed off on holiday on a road trip in WA. They were spending time on the westernmost tip of the continent at Dirk Hartog Island and staying at the  Eco Lodge.  Judging by his photos, he is certainly getting used to the semi-retired life, and the End of Year Celebrations also saw the announcement of Graeme going to a three-day work week from Tuesday to Thursday.

Continuing with the flexible workplace, this quarter also saw the introduction of the Work from Home Wednesday policy which will be trialled for the rest of the year.  A number of staff have enjoyed the reduction of commute time and taken up working from home every Wednesday.

End of Financial Year Party 

With one-third of the office galivanting in every which direction, our End of Financial Year Darts Tournament was held on 4 August, followed by drinks and dinner.  I am not sure why we keep on having sporty-type functions because Marty always wins. However, it was definitely a fun afternoon, and there is talk of getting a dart board for the office!

Todd passes his CA Audit exam

With all that was going on, we almost missed the news that Todd passed his CA audit exam and is now well on the way to becoming a fully-fledged CA and Megan has also returned from maternity leave since giving birth in July 2022 and is now back with us two days a week.  This has been great for our workflow given the amount of staff always on holiday!

Containers for Change

It has been three years since the Containers for Change Program commenced in WA.  Three years in and the office has saved 654 cans and bottles from Friday drinks from going into landfill.  The money from our saved bottles and cans has been donated to various charities.  Every Friday the staff can dress in smart casual and the Accru+ Perth polo shirt and $1 goes to charity. .  30 September saw the office make a work place giving donation to the RSPCA, voted by the dog lovers and dog owners in the office!

Sports Flutter 

Finally, the staff participated in a little flutter on the FIFA World Cup, teams were drawn at random for $5.  The winner (Spain) was Sam, following by (England) Levina and (Sweden) Mitchell.  Following on from the World Cup we also took a flutter on the AFL Grand Final.  Despite not knowing anything about AFL nor watching a single game, Levina guessed Collingwood by 4 points and walked away with $140 in winnings.  She felt compelled to share her winnings and bought us morning tea.