Wiley CPA review courses – why you should buy It

The Wiley CPA review course is one of the most established systems used by students wanting to pass the CPA exam. This course is published twice annually, for over three decades. It is published in two formats: the two-volume format and the four-volume format.

The two volume version groups strategies, tips and study outlines in the first volume while the sample questions are available in the second volume. It is republished each June which ensures the questions and information is relevant.

The four-volume edition reflects the same structure as the CPA exam with a volume available for each of the four CPA sections. It allows you to select the sections relevant to what you are sitting. This format is quite convenient because you can revise one volume at a time as you are studying for each specific section. The four-volume books are printed every December, which means you are always getting the latest material.

The Wiley CPA review course includes study materials directed at making the most of your chance of passing the CPA exam. This includes Focus Notes with hundreds of questions to prepare and hone your understanding of each section. You can purchase the notes as a complete set or for an individual section. The notes provide expert answers and insight for the most relevant subjects expected on the exam. They are portable and well packaged in a spiral bound, flash-card format.

Audio CDs are another form of study material the Wiley system uses. It is available as a complete package or as individual products for each section. The lessons are given in a transparent, concise and captivating way.

Wiley also include the How to Master Simulation series where they concentrate on the best way to handle sample questions. These are made available through a CD-ROM.

The Mastering Account Research program provided by Wiley makes a considerable difference as it enables you to sharpen your research method. It helps eliminate time wasting and similar issues related to research without causing distraction from the core material. To ensure you are ready for the exam, this program clarifies how the test is carried out and how to make the most of your chances of passing.

Judging by the assessments given by students who have used Wiley products, they seem to be popular and highly relevant for CPA exam preparation. Naturally, the four-volume edition is the most recommended as this follows the structure of the CPA exam. The software CDs also help supplement learning and knowledge retention. The tips, guidelines and pointers given in each volume are delivered in a straightforward, sensible and consistent way. This means if buy the Wiley CPA review course, you should keep in mind the software CDs as they are an important part of the study material.

One of the better things with Wiley CPA course materials is that they are the cheapest amongst all popular CPA exam review courses. You can find the tip courses from the best tutoring services online if you want to, however, Wiley’s materials will require lots of studying in order to maximize the potential for success.

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