Popular cloud accounting software add-ons

In recent years, many businesses have adopted cloud-based accounting software because of its flexibility, real-time reporting and convenience. During COVID, companies that already had cloud software in place – such as Xero or MYOB – were much more likely to be able to continue operations when lockdowns were in place and their teams had to work from home.

Of course, accounting software alone doesn’t have everything you need to run every aspect of your business efficiently. Fortunately, software programs like Xero integrate beautifully with hundreds of different apps so you can get all the information and reporting you need. From payroll, billing and invoicing programs to project management, time tracking and inventory, you can find the right apps to fit your industry and business.

Accounting software add-ons our clients use

Once you’ve determined what pieces you’re missing or what’s holding you back, you can look for an app that integrates with your existing software. Here are four that are popular with some of our clients (all of these are compatible with Xero, and many with MYOB):

  • Vend (by Lightspeed)
    Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) app for retailers that offers e-commerce integration, inventory management and real-time reporting. It’s easy to use in multiple store locations, so it can scale as your business grows. You can access the software securely from your computer or smartphone in any location, so it’s easy to check in if you’re on the go or need to make quick decisions about buying additional inventory.
  • ServiceM8
    ServiceM8 is a job management app designed specifically for trade contractors and service businesses that manage jobs and staff in the field, such as plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and cleaners. ServiceM8 streamlines everything from a customer’s first call through to scheduling, communication, quoting, job documentation, invoicing and payment, then connecting with Xero to provide a complete financial picture.
  • Hubdoc
    Hubdoc is actually a Xero product andallows you to collect and analyse all of your financial documents including bills and receipts in one central hub. You can snap and upload pictures of docs like invoices with a smartphone, scan or upload docs and pdfs, and even forward information from emails right to the app, allowing you to avoid both manual data entry and filing (and the mistakes that go along with them), saving you and your team time and hassle and improving organisation. In addition to Xero, the app syncs directly with QuickBooks and other major accounting software programs.
  • Futurli 
    Futurli helps you plan for the future by using ‘prediction technology’ to assist your business in forecasting profits, sales, cash flow and demand in both the short- and long-term. The software provides you with improved data – based on your current and historical business status – so you can make better, more informed decisions rather than relying on ‘gut feel’ or instinct. The app is ideal for fast-growing businesses and can help with decisions on hiring, expansion, securing funding and more, and was a key tool for many businesses in surviving COVID.

These are just a few of the powerful software add-ons that your business can benefit from to increase efficiency, improve sales and boost revenue.

Need advice on which cloud software apps might be right for your business? Contact us and we’ll help you find the right tools to grow.

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Ainsley has a logical brain and likes things to balance. Coupled with a natural ability for maths (first evident early in school reports!) a career in accounting was always likely.
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