Business Advice: At what stage does your business need an advisor?

There is never a bad time to seek an advisor for your business! Regardless of what stage you’re at, your business will benefit from the meaningful coaching and advice that an advisor will provide.

When you’re starting out…

Starting a business comes with endless responsibilities and it’s extremely easy to jump right in without planning for the future. An adviser will be able to assist you in building a strong foundation for your business, setting up systems and processes for everything from cash flow to IT. They will help with important business and financial planning, ensuring you’re putting your best foot forward, understand where you are heading and feel in control.

When you’ve been at it a while…

Are you are spending more time ‘in’ your business than ‘on’ your business? When you are caught up in the day-to-day it’s very easy to lose sight of your goals and ambitions. We see business owners in this position every single day. An advisor will help you re-establish your goals and redefine their role in your business.

When sales are good…

Even if your business is performing well and making consistent sales, it might still be worth talking to an advisor. Sales don’t always translate to profit, so perhaps you need some guidance on improving your profit without cutting overhead costs. If your profit is where you want it, an advisor can help you create plans to ensure continued success.

When you’re ready to sell…

Thinking about exiting your business? Working with you, an advisor can build an actionable plan to help create a saleable business and an exit strategy for you. Not only that, your advisor will hold you accountable to that plan!

While you are the expert in your business and your industry, a business advisor can help you achieve your goals and ensure your business continues to thrive.

Contact the business advisory team at Accru to set your business on the right track for financial success.

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