Vindran Vengadasalam

Vindran started his career in Singapore, where he worked for a CPA firm in audit services for six years after completing his degree. He joined Accru Felsers in June 2006 and was promoted to partner after twelve years with the firm.
Business Growth
May 25, 2022

Australia signs an historic trade agreement with India, the Australia-India…

Audit Risk & Assurance
December 11, 2018

Financial Reporting is a vital part of corporate governance. It…

Audit Risk & Assurance
October 9, 2018

AASB 16 is a new accounting standard that impacts the…

Accru News
August 30, 2018

Many companies are well on the way to recognising revenue…

Accru News
June 14, 2017

As Vice-President of the Australia-Tamil Chamber of Commerce, I recently…

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