Maggie Chang

Maggie joined Accru in 2006 and has developed broad expertise over the past decade. She currently specialises in corporate tax, transfer pricing, Country-by-Country reporting (CbC), business advisory work and managing the tax affairs of Offshore Banking Units (OBUs).
International Business
May 3, 2021

The Australian Taxation Office’s ‘Simplified Transfer Pricing Record-Keeping’ (STPRK) options…

International Business
September 25, 2019

Under Australian tax laws, special reporting obligations apply to an…

International Business
January 31, 2019

The ATO’s  ‘Simplifying Transfer Pricing Record Keeping’ (STPRK) options allow…

International Business
August 5, 2018

Since the ATO released its Transfer Pricing Guidance package in…

Business Growth
February 14, 2017

For businesses commencing export activities or already pursuing overseas markets,…

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