International Affiliations

Many businesses want to succeed in the global marketplace,
and we can help you achieve this.

Massive global reach

Accru is part of one of the world’s largest accounting associations, CPAAI MGI Worldwide.

In January 2020, CPAAI merged with MGI Worldwide to create a major international accounting association and network that combines almost 10,000 professionals in over 100 countries.

We regularly use our CPAAI MGI Worldwide connections to help clients invest in overseas projects, establish export businesses, embark on joint ventures and manufacture overseas.

Personal service, international expertise

Wherever you do business, we can provide you with

  • Quality ‘on the ground’ advisors in 100 countries who understand the local regulations, financial reporting requirements, tax systems and customs.
  • Personalised support from Accru’s multilingual international team in Australia, who can act as your liaison point to streamline your global financial management.

Knowledge sharing and secondments

As a CPAAI MGI Worldwide member firm, we share ideas, information and expertise around the world to keep on top of international tax and accounting issues and emerging global business trends.

CPAAI MGI Worldwide also gives our team great opportunities to sharpen their skills through international training and staff exchanges with member firms all over the world.

Please ask us about how Accru’s international affiliations can help you succeed globally