Sarah Stribley

“I put myself in my client’s shoes.”

Sarah’s analytical mind and problem-solving ability led her into an accounting career, which has been spent both in industry and public practice, in Australia and overseas.

Her unique selling point is something of a two-edged sword: asking questions. To clients, this can mean fantastic results – to colleagues it can present a challenge! Alongside her fairly direct approach to business, Sarah is also able to quickly understand a client’s situation and advise how they could be doing things differently. Her greatest enjoyment comes from giving great advice that delivers real-world client benefits. Those working with her will tell you that Sarah is modest too, and will often draw from the experiences of other clients and colleagues to come up with the best outcome.

Sarah is good at putting herself in the client’s shoes. She regularly takes on board their stress, and then seeks to reduce it through the work she carries out.

In a nutshell:

Gets the job done.

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