Paul Gardner

“When clients understand their financial position, they’re equipped to make the plans they need.”

Early promise saw Paul winning his school’s ‘Year 12 Accounting Award’. A future in accounting was always on the cards – he’s brilliant with numbers and complex detail.

Following a BA in Accounting, Paul has become certified as an SMSF Auditor and has found he loves tax so much he is currently studying a Masters in it. Details really count for him, so he can be sure he’s getting things right for clients. Technically he’s always spot on: an extremely safe pair of hands, with incredible attention to all of the finer points.

Paul likes spending time with clients, checking their understanding of the figures he provides. He’s thorough, and wants everyone to be across the detail, with a full understanding of the role of accurate financials when they’re making important decisions. He seeks to provide strong financial foundations, with well-informed and empowered clients. It means that people quickly come to trust him implicitly.

Tax scenarios are his bread and butter – from simple to complex – and also more fundamental areas such as succession planning, where getting the details right is just as important for a successful outcome.

In a nutshell:

Reliable, technical and driven by accuracy.

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